Connecting Stories



This project provides books (along with an audio recording of the book) for students in Haiti to help with reading education, but especially, a love of reading for pleasure.  It will help develop skills in decoding and fluency. It can also help develop English skills, which is a valuable skill in Haiti.

When a book and recording are donated, a short URL (web address) that goes directly to the recording will be written in the inside cover of the book.  It will be hand carried to Haiti and put in a school library. Then students can read the book, and have the option of using school technology to have the book read to them by the donor.

The prefered language of books is French, but English or Haitian Creole are also appreciated.

Process Description:

Book Reader steps:

  1. Choose a book - French Books are preferred; English books are helpful too!

  2. Buy the book or select a used book in excellent condition.

  3. Review the Book Reader Guide

  4. Record audio suggested browser based recorder (most main-stream audio file formats accepted)

  5. Optional: Create and link a short URL (web address) for your file at

  6. Submit your short URL in the form at

  7. Mail book to:

Connecting Stories - Haiti

℅ Steve Asper

1005 Idaho Ave West

St. Paul, MN 55117