Empowering teachers and students for a globally connected future.


Connecting teachers and students with knowledge and mentors, using technology, so that they may be connected to opportunities in a world-wide workforce.


Connecting Students

Students worldwide who are digitally literate have more options for future study through online content, as well as more job opportunities in the global marketplace.  We are working with schools to tap into that potential.

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Connecting Teachers

Teachers need support in effectively integrating technologies into their instruction.  We support teachers in learning new skills in instruction and technology so they are prepared to support student learning with technology.

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Technology Connections

To leverage technology in schools, there needs to be guaranteed infrastructure like power, internet, and devices for teachers and students.  

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Partners throughout Haiti and beyond share our passion for equipping students with the skills to use technology in the global workforce.  We are honored to join with them in planning forward for a more jobs for more Haitian students. 

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s problem solvers.

Using technology to solve problems will be a part of many jobs worldwide in the coming years, from programming to graphic design to robotics.  

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