Our Vision

Connections are opportunities.


On a trip to Haiti in 2017, I heard from so many Haitians that what they need most is a job.  As I looked around from my American point of view, I wondered how I could help.  I'm an educator, after all, and not a business mogul or entrepreneur. 

When I went back to my day job in a Minnesota school district, I found myself talking with colleagues about how the world is changing; the modern workforce is demanding something new from our students and therefore something else from our schools.  And then it hit me...the same was true for the students and schools in Haiti, and I could help.  



I joined Konekte Haiti shortly thereafter because the team already saw what I'd taken a bit longer to figure out.  Technology has the potential to overcome barriers to connect people...to new ideas, new information, new people, and most of all, new opportunities.  

Since then we've been working on making more connections and making plans.  We're thrilled to be working with our first teachers and students in Cap Hatien in April, and are grateful to Henri Beaucejour for helping us make the connections to make it happen.  We can't change the world alone, but we can tell already, we won't have to.  


Katrina Mezera
Director of Strategic Direction, Konekte Haiti

Konekte Haiti’s mission is to globally connect Haiti’s teachers and students with technology in order to contribute in a world-wide workforce. Our ultimate goal is job creation and economic stimulation through techno (2).png